MAIN PAGE – English

  1. First Lesson: Python And Pycharm Installation
  2. Lesson-1: Variables And Data Types
  3. Lesson-2: Comparison Oparetors
  4. Lesson-3: Python Conditional Expressions (İf–elif–else)
  5. Lesson-4: Python While Loop
  6. Lesson-5: List, Tuple and Dictionaries
  7. Lesson-6: Python For Loop
  8. Lesson-7: Python Functions
  9. Lesson-8: Python Global and Local Variables, Return
  10. Lesson-9: Adding and Calling Python Modules
  11. Lesson-10: Python Time Module and Sleep Function
  12. Lesson-11: Python Random Module
  13. Ders-12: Python Math Module
  14. Lesson-13: Python Turtle Module
  15. Ders-14: Python Basic File Operations
  16. Lesson-15: Python Database Operations
  17. Lesson-16: Python Os Module
  18. Lesson-17: Python Map Function
  19. Lesson-18: Python Character Sequences
  20. Lesson-19: Python Character Sequences-2
  21. Lesson-20: Python Smtplib Module. Sending Python Mail

  1. Lesson-1: What is GUI programming? What Is Tkinter?
  2. Lesson-2: Creating A Tkinter Window, Adding A Label
  3. Lesson-3: Tkinter Label Color, Font
  4. Lesson-4: Tkinter Button Operations. Button-Clicking
  5. Lesson-5: Tkinter Entry Widget Function
  6. Lesson-6: Tkinter Window Size
  7. Lesson-7: Generating Numbers By Pressing The Tkinter Button
  8. Lesson-8: Tkinter Grid Geometry Manager
  9. Lesson:9- Tkinter Calculator Interface
  10. Lesson-10: Tkinter Place Geometry Manager
  11. Lesson-11: Adding Tkinter Button Picture
  1. Lesson-1:Arduino Led Incinerator (Blink)
  2. Lesson-2:Arduino Led Burning With Button
  3. Lesson-3: Arduino Use Of Arduino Photo Resistance (LDR)
  4. Lesson-4: Arduino Use of RGB Led
  5. Lesson-5: Arduino Use of Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (Hc-sr04)
  6. Lesson-6: Arduino Buzzer Use
  7. Lesson-7: Arduino Potentiometer Usage
  8. Lesson-8: Arduino BlueTooth Usage (Hc-06)
  9. Lesson-9: Arduino NTC Temperature Sensor Usage
  10. Lesson-10: Arduino DHT 11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  11. Lesson-11: Arduino Mz80 Infrared Sensor (E18-D80 NK)